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Our company FOLGOS

Our company has over 10 years of experience. We offer high-quality ecological stretch film intended for use in the industrial and agricultural sectors. We are a company that cares about the natural environment and we operate fully ecologically, our film is made of 100% recyclate, i.e. the basic raw material based on the highest quality primary raw materials.

So we don't introduce to the environment of new plastic, we only rely on already existing plastic. In the production cycle, we reduce the consumption of energy and materials according to the 3xR concept - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Taking care of the satisfaction of our customers, we control our products at every stage of production to ensure their best quality. We also offer professional advice and technical support.

Our factory is equipped with modern machinery, and experienced and professional staff allows us to achieve European and even global sales of our products. From the beginning of our business, we choose technologies with a low environmental impact and reduce the consumption of energy, water and natural resources in our production cycle.

Our products are environmentally friendly thanks to the reduction of the carbon footprint.


Discover our ecological films


Ecological silage film is used to wrap bales of hay or other catch crops in order to ensile them.
Dedicated to all types of wrappers available on the market, and its bi-directional orientation allows you to maintain the correct shape of the bale.

About the product:


ecoAGRO Repellent

We offer a barrier film that is designed to protect bales
from bird and rodent attacks.

ecoAGRO High UV

Special film with additional protection against UV rays


ecoWASTE film is designed for wrapping bales of waste of all origins. It has a multi-layer structure that will ensure high barrier properties. It shows very high resistance to punctures and tears, and its bi-directional orientation allows it to maintain the correct shape of the bale.

About the product:


ecoWASTE Repellent

It is a special barrier film that is designed to protect bales
from bird and rodent attacks.

ecoWASTE High UV

Special foil with additional UV protection intended for customers
from regions with significant insolation and / or increased degree of UV radiation.


Currently, we offer you high-quality packaging film intended for manual use or machine wrapping of goods and pallets.
It is dedicated to semi-automatic or disc wrappers. The transparent film has a high puncture resistance and tears.

About the product:

Next year, the innovative ecoSTRETCH film will also be available, more about it in the news.



Our offer includes the possibility of production with additional UV protection – at the customer’s request.


We put a lot of efforts to provide our customers
with the highest quality products

In our laboratory, practically every day, we subject the films to various tests on the ESTL machine. In this way, we control
the parameters like: maximum stretch, strength, puncture and load holding force.


Our products
are certified

We can boast of some of the latest certificates we have obtained...

Confirming that the activities carried out by FOLGOS are environmentally friendly, and our recyclate is produced in accordance with the highest European standards.

Confirming that the content of regranulate in our products is at least 90%.


for the climate

Today's world surrounded by various types of packaging, often non-biodegradable, obliges us as individuals to take care of the natural environment, both in private and public space. As a company, we care about the natural environment and operate in a fully ecological way, reducing the consumption of energy and materials in the production cycle according to the 3xR concept - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Folgos-diagram ENG

Circular economy

Film is a type of plastic, which is a special material - light and strong, and at the same time cheap and durable, clean and safe. All over the world, plastics perform protective functions and protect against moisture and various types of contamination.

Used plastics very quickly become waste, so in order to minimize the amount of waste generated, it is necessary to segregate them and then properly recycle them. Folgos conducts educational campaigns among farmers, young people and, above all, among entrepreneurs. We are an example of a company that closes the life cycle of plastic in a closed loop.

We complement our care for the environment with cooperation with water and energy companies, reducing, among others, consumption of fresh water or by purchasing energy from renewable sources.



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